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We have you covered for Christmas! $18 for 3 arts and craft packs, can be delivered to the address you assigned, gift wrapping available

Kids Craft Packs

for all the fun your kid need ! we have all the educational arts and crafts activities!

**packs in sealed plastic bags.
**themed activities packed with
__more than enough papers, foams,
__fabrics, stickers pipe cleaners, etc.
**instruction and postage included
** 15 to choose from
** suitable for 3-9 yo
$6.5 each pack , shipping rate according to Aus Postage Calculator

Pre Recorded Packages for the family (materials incl)  (Gift vouchers available)

**Let's do some cute crafts and decorate your house? **With this set of pre recorded videos you can now share the fun with your family together at home, or online via your selected platform (eg zoom anytime you want!) 
**3 projects to choose from, each project is divided into 4 classes , 
** project themes updated regularly, always something new to try
**suitable for all ages materials can be delivered to your holiday home / hotel (please allow sufficient time) additional postage and handling fees applies. 

Kids Arts and Craft Classes

** 40 min classes
** crafts, activities, creativity and exploration of materials and various methods
** suitable for ages 2-9, parents welcome to join 
** past activities include aquarium, lantern, dress making, bath toys, clock making, stamps
*2021 timetable to be released, tentative venue to be Fairfield Community Centre

Chinese Brush Calligraphy

(Gift vouchers available)

ONLINE and LIVE private class with your friends and family !! 
** online class with pre recorded videos : 3Stroke Course (8 lessons) or VeryDifficult Course (8 lessons)
** online class ( a special theme to suit you so class so you will be able to practice basic calligraphy skills, as well as enjoying the fun in other scripts, ink/water drawing. Suggested themes:  Festivals.....Birthdays.....Love and anniversaries.....cooperate functions....private / art gatherings.
** private class (face to face) or online $26 per class, min 6 classes, venue to be at our own studio in Fitzroy

we love art

what we do in class

updated Jan 2020

we have fun, we explore, relax and be creative!


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our studio

we choose to host our classes at Fairfield Community Centre, Kew Library and Camberwell Library.

We select spaces that respect Aboriginal heritage and celebrate sustainability.  we try our best to reduce use of plastic and environmental friendly paints and materials.

what we do in class

We are architects by profession but we just love crafts and arts. So we created a space for big and small kids to come to practice their skills, learn new ideas from others and make friends. We call ourselves 

We had kids art and craft class for age groups from 2to 9, we held classes in Northcote Townhall in 2018 and Fairfield Comminity Center in 2019/20 and it was great success! Owing to Covid19 we started to deliver online classes more and our classes have become popular!

In 2021 we will continue to host classes at Fairfield Community Center on 121 Station Street.  click for course details

We explore materials and methods with various schemes for example space, animals, forests, cartoon characters, summer, festivals etc etc. We have bottles, sticks, leaves, paints, clothes, paper, stickers, glitter, balloons, brushes, cotton wool.

Chinese Brush Calligraphy classes (online and small groups) for adults  will focus on traditional strokes and practice on paper with ink and brush. click for course details

We have small class size so that there is sufficient space and enjoyable moments. 

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Events & Programs


Kids arts and crafts

every First and Third Friday!All year round.

Including school holidays

at Fairfield Community Centre.

Our various activities include painting,craft/object making, for kids age 2-9 and various skill levels, and we will definitely be messy!

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we are moving!

we just moved our of Fairfield !! We love the vibe, the light and the space here!

We constantly seek the right space for the right activities, with Kids class we will stay in Northcote Townhall or Fairfield Community Centre.

what is happening next?

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